TRIMline Interiors – The pure lines of modern office (Modular partition wall systems)

TRIMline was established in 1997 focusing on the production of “modular partition wall systems” and offering product development, design, manufacture and installation services.

Currently, it is one of the leading companies in the sector on private institutional projects, in terms of modular wall partition solutions, door systems, acoustic material solutions and project services concerning interiors, such as designing partition walls, acoustics and wood systems. It offers fast and high quality services to all kinds of project segments via its showrooms in Istanbul, retailers all over Turkey and agencies in various countries.

Conducting its manufacturing facilities in Balıkesir, TRIMline offers partition systems with three main objectives: flexibility, quality and affordability.
Our systems, pave the way for limitless designs with easy and fast assembly-disassembly in harmony with our motto “free dimensional space”.


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