Alpha M Office/Studio Tour | Behind The Scenes Of Alpha M HQ

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro gives viewers an inside look of the Alpha M. office. This space is much more than an ‘office’ for Alpha. It’s incredibly special to him and means a great deal to him.
The offices started back in 1911 as a sock factory. Currently the space still has 14 foot ceilings with original beam and brick. He’s been in the space for about a year. He proceeds to describe his office furniture and wall of memorabilia including his grandparents’ items. Next, the kitchen and hallway feature unique artwork. The coolest part of the space is the bathroom which has a bueno Pete and Pedro stretch canvas and a brick shower.

The conference room has a table from an old iron factory. He also displays a piece of artwork of St. Francis, Piglet, Pedro, and a rooster over the mantle. A donkey greets you at the front door. The first office is where all of the samples are kept. Whenever someone visits the office, they HAVE to grab something out of the ‘shop’. The spiral staircase goes up to a crawlspace, and then the next two rooms are Pete and Pedro offices.

Apparently some people out there don’t know that Alpha owns a hair product line called Pete and Pedro. The products are amazing! Also, Pete and Pedro will help you select a bueno hair product if you email a picture of yourself including details of the current product(s) you’re using to

This building and the fact that Alpha is here represents all of his hard work. He found the building 5 years ago when running. He thought it was the most beautiful building he’s ever seen. He loves old and historic brick buildings and that industrial look. He thought, “Some day, I’m gonna have a place there.” Last February, it was time to move Pete and Pedro out if his house. He needed space and help but didn’t want to bring anyone into his house (privacy).

He saw a sign about the building being on the market. He made an offer and they accepted! He then needed to be approved for a loan. He went to 6 banks and got rejected by 5. It was really hard! He had to trust that if it was meant to be, it would happen. Nobody wanted to give a YouTuber a loan. Even though he has 7 successful businesses and money in the bank, they didn’t want to give him a loan. One guy said ‘yes’ and it felt ‘great’!

You guys (viewers) have truly changed Alpha’s life! That’s the long and short of it, and it makes Alpha emotional and appreciative. He never takes any of it for granted. He had to bust his ass to get here. Every day, he gets up with a purpose: to make a video to change some lives. This goal is his only one.

He stays focused and true to his self– doing the best job he can. He wants to continue to make videos and change lives. Hard work is so sweet when it starts to pay off. Alpha thanks the viewers for supporting him, for being here, for being interested in the his videos, and for friendship.


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